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Fragrance business

A great range of essential oils from all over the world as well as local Japanese products, like Yuzu, Lemon, Sudachi, Hakka, Hinoki etc.

Steam distillated water (Hydrosol)

◇ Fruit Water (Japanese: Yuzu, Lemon, Aka-shiso, etc., European: Apple, Elderberry, Raspberry, Peach, Pear, etc.)

◇ Floral Water (Bulgaria: Rose, Tahiti: Plumeria etc.)

◇ Tea Aroma (Japanese: Hoji-cha, Green Tea, Sri Lanka: Black tea)

100% Natural Vegetable oils (Tamanu oil, Monoi Oi, Raspberry seed oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Oil, etc.)

Natural Fragrances: Sakura, Ume, Rose, Jasmin, Neroli, Citrus, Tea…, created by our in-house perfumer upon request.


The range of our distilled water are ideal alternatives to essential oils for sensitive skin/body care products.

We offer a variety of essential oils/water extracted by using a special equipment called SpinningCone Column(SCC).  

This method allows us to extract ingredients at high speed and low temperatures,which ensures that the products have a fresh and“real” natural aroma.

We are also focusing on the analysis of market trends in Europe, Asia as well as on the Japanese market, in order to be able to promptly respond to the needs of our customers and to assist them in the development of market-leading,innovative and unique products.

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